What's Ataex?



Marketplace for digital goods

Through Ataex's digital free markets, users will be more likely to trade their digital goods then before.

Platform for services

Through our service platforms, Ataex's users can use digital services as non-digital services from regional or international providers.

Marketplace "conversion"

Ataex and its partners offer all products through this marketplace which are useful for the use and maintenance of the market platform.

Further marketplaces

Further marketplaces / platforms are not excluded.

Infinity Cloud

Infinity Cloud

Cloud Computing

The technological core of Ataex is a Cloud, designed for trading, for the mediation of services, using cloud apps, for storing digital goods as well as for running Cloud Apps.

Cloud Applications

Ataex's marketplace, service platform and platform functions are working with many own cloud apps, but we also want offer other app manufacturers the option to provide their own apps in our cloud environment, so that our users benefit from these applications and software as a system services as well.

Further technological possibilities

We will introduce and develop new technologies and applications to give our users a surplus value.




The security of user data and their digital goods has absolute priority for us, but that is not enough for us We want to use methods and technologies to prevent copyright infringement and theft.


For the transformation of enterprises we want to provide a own consulting section and also training facilities.


Partnerships are particularly important to us - only together we can provide our users and customer the best possible usability as well as better security guarantee.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide free people all over the world with digital goods and services - at any time, safe and fair.

Partners & Friends